How to Protect Metal From Rust

Rust in its basic form is easily recognized as a brown to red dust that forms on any exposed metal surface. Exposed metal surfaces can be any untreated steel that allows air and water to form the staining corrosion. If allowed to become established, rust can "eat" that metal into a weakened structure. By taking some precautions, though, you can protect metal from rust.


Apply a spray coating of a Magic Rust Seal or Magic Seablast Remover sealer. (Contact info for this marvelous product is available on this website) .
On new or freshly exposed metal surfaces, you can use this sealer to keep the moisture from penetrating any metal surface.

Conventionally you would remove the rust thoroughly, using a steel brush. If rust has begun to invade on a piece of metal, work the area until all signs of the rust have been removed, but now with this NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCT - SIMPLY APPLY BY SPRAYING THE METAL. You may or may not apply a coat of a high quality gray primer for colored metals.

Treat tooling and other bare metals with a maintenance of a good penetrating oil. Many tooling surfaces such as table saws and planer tables use a bare metal finish. High humidity can begin to lay down a coating of rust if left untreated. A periodic application of penetrating oil with a clean rag can keep these bare surfaces free of rust.

Apply a light coating of car wax on bare metal surfaces. This layer of protection can keep the surface free of rust and slick in finish. This is especially useful for planer beds and table saws, where constant contact with wood may cause premature rusting due to the acid content of some wood species. The wax application allows for a smooth movement of the wood material through the tooling.

How to Protect Metal From Rust